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This program is open to youth ages 10-17. This is an instructional and developmental program. This means that we focus on skills, teamwork, and character. We encourage participation and following instructions. We do not focus on winning, stats and individual accomplishments. Youth Fitness is a great way to involve your kids in self-defense training without the stress of intense competition or contact. Our system is designed to build confidence, hand/eye coordination and social and life skills.

Youth Fitness and Self Defense


DAYS: Saturday  ONLY


DATE:   Jan 8th to March 19th


TIMES: 10-12pm


LOCATION: Cowboy's International Fitness Center

HEALTH and PHYSICAL LITERACY: In January 2015, the Sports & Society Program proposed in its report Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game that the development of physical literacy in all children sits at the base of the youth sport system as an aspirational goal and, more broadly, should be the foundation of how we socialize children through sports in all forms, from casual to organized recreational to competitive. Before changing its name in 2013 to SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education’s (NASPE) created a Fitness Education Project team to gather insights from professionals across the country who have worked on national and state physical education standards and district curriculum materials; from content and pedagogy specialists; and from current literature to provide what follows: a comprehensive Instructional Framework for Fitness Education in Physical Education. 

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