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MVP360 is growing and we need your help! We have a new and innovative way of Empowering Communities through athletics and recreational activities.  We have teaching moments and coaching moments, we mentor, guide and inspire! Most importantly, we are committed to the families we serve!

TEACHING MOMENTS: Teaching moments allow the coaches to stop the game so that he/she can review any skills and emphasize proper techniques.  

COACHING MOMENTS: Coaching Moments are traditional situations that require coaches to talk about game strategy and execution.  This concept is very effective yet simple to execute.  The rules allow for all kids to feel as if they are part of the game. 

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: As part of our family,  you will have opportunities to participate in community activities such as Fun Safe Philly Summer events, Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House programs, after-school activities, etc.. 

EMPOWERMENT: We have a mission, vision, and slogan. However, you have the power to influence how these concepts are implemented. 

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Unlike other organizations, we are asking you to use us as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal. As long as your ideas are in line with our philosophy, we will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

PROGRAM SUPPORT: If you are accepted as part of our team, we ask that you support our program on all social media platforms, at your job or school and within your community!

BACKGROUND CHECKS: Volunteers working with kids MUST complete background checks. No Exceptions. In addition, those who volunteer to work with MVP360 as part of a school program must complete school required background checks. 


COMMITMENT: As a volunteer, you are representing MVP360 both on and off the field. Please consider our mission when engaging in activities, posting on social media and interacting with friends, family, co-workers etc.


Our families depend on you, we depend on you, the community needs you! 

Job Openings

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