Leadership Development & Community Programs

Job Title: Athletic Skills Instructor/Coach/Game Manager (Intern/Volunteer) 

Employer Name: MVP360 Programs

Openings: Marketing, Fundraising, Coaching, Program management

Work Schedule: On Location Saturdays, Mondays, remotely on Thursdays

Location: 2 Primary locations: 101 East Erie Ave, Philadelphia and 3640 G. Street, Phila, Pa

Dates: On-Going

Hours per Week/Seasonal: 20 hours for 6/8 weeks consecutively with breaks in between activities.

Job Description:

  • Leads sports programs by conducting a fun safe and developmentally appropriate program, as directed by the supervisor to accomplish MVP360 mission and goals.
  • Manage youth sports programs according to the general rules of the sport as well as any rules specific MVP360
  • Know, demonstrate and interpret MVP360 philosophy to players, parents, and coaches.
  • Report injuries (MVP360 President), follows safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to control all aspects of the game that you are teaching, coaching and/or managing.
  • Builds effective relationships with participants and their parents.
  • Maintains onsite and off-site program equipment as assigned.
  • Possess the ability to work with varying ages and to manage large groups.
  • Ability to work flexible hours as program needs arise. Ability to assist in various departments or programs as the need arises.
  • Works closely with other MVP360 staff and or members.
  • Promote MVP360 programs

Requirements: Willingness to learn and grow as a teacher, coach, and mentor, Complete online and/or attend sports specific training programs and certifications, Ability to travel to and from activity location. Obtain required clearances. Be physically able to perform the sport well enough to guide participants.

NOTE: MVP360 is a 501c3 Non-profit organization. We pride ourselves in taking care of our volunteers, families, and participants.  For more information please email mvp360@outlook.com or call 609-970-6834