How It Works
Leadership First is a classroom based program much like a school or college setting. Students attend classes and cover topics such as Team development, Problem Solving, etc.

Who We Work With
We work with Youth ages 10 and up! We also work with Adults. The curriculum is flexible ad can be tailored to the audience. 

What is the Cost?
A version of this course is available to schools for FREE! We will go out to schools, when practical, and facility a condensed version of our program. All we ask is that the guides are either purchased or printed by the requesting party.

Leadership First


First Quarter Concept: Self-Evaluation & Group Interaction: The First Quarter encourages the students to Self-Evaluate and assesses their Group Interaction Skills. The topics associated with the “First Quarter” are designed to spark conversations dealing with how the student self-esteem. How people view themselves often differs from how others perceive them to be. This contradiction can cause barriers to effective communication and healthy relationship building.

First Quarter Guides:Group Interaction, Leadership/Followership Interaction, and Team Building Process

​Second Quarter Concept: Self Awareness & Professionalism: The Guides associated with the “Second Quarter” are focused on how individuals conduct themselves in public settings and how they interact with peers and superiors. Self-Awareness differs from Self-Evaluation. In the case of Self-Evaluations, students are exploring their character and personality. Self-Awareness is the understanding of how behavior and actions are perceived by others in a public setting. Professionalism takes Self-Awareness a step further.  It focuses on acceptable behaviors around others regardless of the setting.

Second Quarter Guides: Professional Conduct, Professional Relationships, and Standards & Discipline

​Third Quarter Concept: Managing Personal & Professional Obstacles: The Guides associated with the “Third Quarter” deal with daily obstacles that when left unresolved, can hinder and disrupt progress. This section requires students to have a good understanding of whom they are, ability to engage in free flowing communication with peers and superiors, and the ability to think critically. 

Third Quarter Guides: Time Management, Stress Management, Problem Solving

​Fourth Quarter Concept: Dealing with Challenges & Leading Others: The Guides associated with the “Fourth Quarter” are more advanced topics. These topics require that students have a high level of maturity, a great understanding of themselves, free flowing communication with peers and superiors, and the ability to think critically and resolve conflict. 

Fourth Quarter Guides: Conflict Management, Change Management, and Situational Leadership

MVP 360 Leadership First Program Overview
The MVP360 Leadership Development Program is designed to educate youth about essential life skills necessary for continued success and personal advancement. In sports, the emphasis is on winning now. Unfortunately, many in low income and disadvantaged communities find that their path to a successful life may not be in sports and therefore are unprepared to face life’s challenges. This is essentially a motivating and educational life skills program for youth of all ages. The program is broken down into 4 categories or “Quarters” each building on the previous topic. 


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