Our Vision: Sports are seen as a way to develop communities. It often provides youth with somewhere safe to congregate, and it usually fosters community spirit. However, providing sports opportunities alone cannot fix the gender and financial inequality. We need to do more than just get kids off the streets. We want to establish a gateway for elite athletes living in impoverished, low-income, and disadvantaged communities to transition from recreational sports to college, professional and Olympic level training and competition. 

(Phase 1) Leadership 1st Academy: This is an in-class, life-skills, educational program we will be introducing with your assistance. Participants will go through a six-week course covering topics such as problem-solving, team development, situational leadership etc. In all, we will cover 12 topics designed to help build character and self-awareness. 

(Phase 2) Elite Training: Our athletes do not have access to high-level, meaningful training. The cost associated with professional training prevents these athletes from enhancing their skill set. 

(Phase 3) Tournament Team: We are in the process of developing tournament teams so that our athletes can compete alongside their suburban counterparts. 

(Phase 4) Showcase Tournaments: This goes to the heart of what we are attempting to address. If our players cannot attend these tournaments, they will not have the opportunity to compete against top completion. 

(Phase 5) College and Showcase Camps: Our final initiative will be to send players to college prospect showcase camps and clinics and/or host college coaches.​

Our slogan, LIVE, LOVE, LEAD Legacy is the understanding that who they are is how they will be remembered, every day they must live in the way they want to be remembered, they must love who they are and what they stand for. Finally, they must lead those who will follow in their footsteps.