MVP360 Leadership Development Programs, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. “MVP” stands for Motives, Values and Personality. We believe in utilizing Motives as a way to guide their path to success. Understanding what is Valued in life will increase the likelihood of maintaining focus through adversity.  We live in a world where "Character Counts" and we are judged by what others see. Personality is key to ensuring others perception is in line with Motives and Values. The number 360 represents a well-rounded mindset in which an individual, family and community promote Education, Fitness, Social Acceptance and Emotional well being. 

Our Mission: Empowering youth to become leaders and productive members of society through equal opportunity athletics and educational programs within the communities we serve.

We Pledge To:

  • Provide communities with affordable sports and recreational activities.
  • Assist families with resources that provide real-life opportunities for advancement.
  • Be a leader in services and solutions that enable and transform the way families seek to develop and improve both personally and professionally.
  • Promote a culture of creativity designed to infuse passion and energy back into the low-income and disadvantaged communities.
  • Rise above all other organizations as unique, innovative and affordable.
  • Be known as a proven source for the community we serve in a manner unlike any other in the industry.

Our Vision: As we move towards our goal of innovating Sports Programs, we inspire a new generation of visionaries not afraid to embrace a culture of creativity.  MVP360 will

  • Encourage and motivate communities to reach for greatness in all that they do.
  • Engage in sustainable practices, anticipate the community needs and adhere to their goals and aspirations.
  • Maximize our resources while maintaining unmatched quality in our services.
  • Revolutionize how youth and their parents view community sports programs.

Our system is a great way to involve your kids in sports without the stress of intense competition.

We focus on building confidence, hand/eye coordination, social and life skills. 

We take a "Staff" Approach to coaching. This means that we rotate coaching responsibilities based on our schedule. 

We are an instructional and developmental league. This means that we focus on skills, teamwork, and character. 

We encourage participation and following instructions. We do not focus on winning, stats and individual accomplishments. 

Our games are designed to enhance the playing experience for all skill levels! 

Coaches can assist during games, Play is stopped for "Teaching Moments". Score is kept as a way to simulate a game. 

We do not track Wins/Losses. No pressure just a ton of Learning and FUN!


Motives are what cause a person to act a certain way. If you are motivated by money, you will work, if you are motivated by Faith, you go to church. What motivates you? What do you do with that motivation?


Values are what you consider to be important. Values are formed by our parents, peers, and surroundings. What do you value? Do you compromise your values around friends?


Believe it or not, your Personality is really based on how other people see you. Your personality should reflect your Motives and Values. Does your personality reflect who you really are?

Promoting the Total Person Concept! 
Physically Fit * Emotional Well-Being * Life-Long Learning

MVP360 Youth Sports and Community Programs in Philadelphia and Beyond!

MVP360 is committed to serving the community. We volunteer and participate in activities designed to help families in need. We support Philadelphia's Fun Safe Summer Kick-Off events, we host sports clinics for other organizations, we run camps for military kids, we sponsor youth sports teams, we organize activities for adults and we've run activities for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. We also manage after-school programs. 

Leadership Development & Community Programs