Leadership Development & Community Programs

DAYS: Saturdays ONLY             

DATES:  September 9th-October 14th

LOCATION: Lighthouse Fields. 101 E. Erie Ave. Phila, Pa

AGES: 8-17   GENDER: Girls ONLY

COST: $30 per player

This is an instructional and developmental program. This means that we focus on skills, teamwork, and character. We encourage participation and following instructions. We do not focus on winning, stats and individual accomplishments. MVP360 Youth Soccer is a great way to involve your kids in sports without the stress of intense competition. Our system is designed to build  confidence, hand/eye coordination and social and life skills.

DAYS: Saturdays ONLY             

DATES:  Spring 2018

LOCATION: Lighthouse Fields. 101 E. Erie Ave. Phila, Pa

AGES: 6-15   GENDER: Boys and Girls


TIMES: Younger kids in the morning, older kids in the afternoon

Street Soccer USA MISSION: To fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer. GOALS: To provide an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports with a focus on social impact across the United States and beyond. THEORY OF CHANGE: By creating safe places to play, supplying trained, caring coaches, and an evidence-based curriculum to build important skills, including communication, creativity, collaboration, self-confidence, independence and mutual respect for one’s self and others to encourage short and long-term positive changes in our players’ lives.