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MVP360 Presents USA Basketball 3x3 Tournament League

DATES: November 4th to December 16

LOCATION: FiDonce Player Development

ADDRESS: 3640 G Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19134

DIVISION: 17U (Ages 14-17 are eligible)

COST: $40.00 per player

This league is designed to prepare players for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournament. The National Tournament is held at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The date for this year's event is scheduled for the end of March 2018. All players MUST show Proof of Age, have a Valid School or Government picture ID, Valid email address and FIBA3x3 profile.

STEP 2: Enter in the required personal information and create a unique password login.

STEP 3: Once all fields are filled in and the terms and agreement are accepted, click the “Register Now” button at the bottom of the page.

STEP 4: Following registrations, players will receive a verification email from FIBA 3x3 to the email address entered on the signup page.

STEP 5: Open the email and click on the link to confirm your player profile.  Your player profile registration is not complete until you open and confirm the link sent to your email address. 

Once you’ve created and confirmed your player profile, you can begin to accumulate ranking points from the FIBA 3x3 endorsed tournaments in which you participate.

MVP360 is proud to announce 3x3 USA Basketball Tournaments inspired by USA Basketball and FIBA3x3! USA Basketball now offers officially sanctioned 3x3 tournaments across the country. Through these sanctioned tournaments, anyone can be eligible to represent the United States in international competition by earning a spot on a USA Basketball 3x3 National Team. 3x3 event sanctioned, qualifying tournaments can send winning teams to the play in the 3x3 National Tournament in Colorado Springs. From the National Tournament, USA Basketball 3x3 National Team players are named. ​​

How to Create Your 3x3 Player Profile

Creating a 3x3 player profile allows athletes to accumulate and track their ranking points among other 3x3 competitors in the United States.  Individual 3x3 ranking points feed into the overall country 3x3 participation points that USA Basketball needs to qualify for international competitions.  By creating your player profile, you play an integral role in helping the United States qualify for FIBA 3x3 World Championships!

Player profiles are a requirement for any participant in a 3x3 Qualifier, National Tournament or World Championship.  Follow the steps below to create your profile and properly compete in officially endorsed FIBA 3x3 tournaments.

STEP 1: On the FIBA 3x3 website: click the blue “Sign Up” button on the top right.