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VISION 2025 is our response to this ever-changing world. Let's work together to ensure a better future for our youth. Learn more about our efforts to engage the 'Total Person" Concept though our four initiatives: Education and Career Development, Health and Physical Literacy, Social and Emotional Well Being. and B2B Consulting.

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Education and Career Development

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Social and Emotional Well-Being

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Health and Physical Literacy

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B2B Service


Rise UP!

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Since it's inception, MVP360's slogan has been, "Rise Up And Be All That You Dream" It is a slogan that represents the act of not allowing your surroundings and circumstances to keep you from rising up up and achieving your dreams! 

The Rise Up Experience or TRUE was created as a vehicle for those looking to reach new levels! 


We are a Veteran-Owned, full-service consulting and events planning initiative. We encourage and motivate businesses to strive for greatness in all that they do.  We engage in sustainable practices, anticipate the customer’s needs and adhere to their goals and aspirations. We will maximize our resources while still maintaining unmatched quality in our products and services. We specialize in Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Events. 

Thank You for supporting us!

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