Emotional and Spiritual Wellness is vital to the success of those less fortunate. 

Rise Up! Be All That You Dream

“360” Represents the Total Person. It is how we Rise Up! To Become all that we Dream. 



Leadership Development & Community Programs

MVP360 4 Life!
MVP360 offers youth who would traditionally be excluded from organized sports due to lack of ability, resources and/or competitive drive. We provide them with the opportunity to experience all of the advantages of team sports including physical, social, emotional, and academic benefits.

MVP360 creates community connections for both youth and their families! 

MVP360 Leadership Development Programs, Inc.


MVP360 in Philadelphia and Beyond!

Motives    Values    Personality
Because we believe these three factors are critical in determining behavior. We ask our participants: What motivates you? What do you do with that motivation? What do you value? Do you compromise your values around friends? Does your personality, or how other people see you, reflect who you really are? 

We are not just a sports organization. We support and promote the Total Person! 

Making a Difference!

MVP360 is proud to announce 3x3 USA Basketball Tournaments inspired by USA Basketball and FIBA3x3! USA Basketball now offers officially sanctioned 3x3 tournaments across the country. Through these sanctioned tournaments, anyone can be eligible to represent the United States in international competition by earning a spot on a USA Basketball 3x3 National Team. 3x3 event sanctioned, qualifying tournaments can send winning teams to the play in the 3x3 National Tournament in Colorado Springs. From the National Tournament, USA Basketball 3x3 National Team players are named. ​​

Registrations are open for our November sessions!