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Welcome to MVP360 Leadership Development Programs, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. “MVP” stands for Motives, Values, and Personality. We believe in utilizing instructional and developmental sports as a way to create a path to success. Understanding Motives, values and Personality in life will increase the likelihood of maintaining focus through adversity.  MISSION: Empowering youth to become leaders and productive members of society by providing equal opportunity for athletics and educational programs within the communities we serve.

Flag Football

Leadership First

The Leadership First Academy is designed to educate youth about essential life skills necessary for continued success and personal advancement. In sports, the emphasis is on winning now. 

Legacy Sports

Legacy Sports is our competitive division. In order to be a part of this division, participants are either invited or tryout. Our mission is to reach all youth, this division is reserved for elite athletes with college aspirations. 


Our system is a great way to involve your kids in sports without the stress of intense competition. We focus on building confidence, hand/eye coordination, social and life skills. We take a "Staff" Approach to coaching. 

Thank you you for your patience and understanding! A lot has changed in this world since we last offered Summer Baseball and Softball. As the Founder, Husband and Father of 4 Children, I understand the anxiety surrounding our troubled times.  To be completely honest, starting back was and still is a tough decision. 

MVP360 has and will always be about families. We are more than sports and for this reason, we waited to restart. We depend on the parents and family members to help with providing a positive and nurturing environment for those learning how to catch, throw, run and play. We are not the same without you!

Our program will look a little different this summer. We won't have the usual crowds, hugs and high-fives will be kept to a minimun, kids and parents will be wearing masks. We will do what we can to keep everyone safe but we need your help and corporation. Please wear your mask, stay home if you don't feel well and maintain social distancing. 

Let's have a fun summer, enjoy the return of Summer Baseball and Softball and Let's keep each other safe!


Thank you!

Felix Agosto


Fab Youth Philly is hiring! Join this amazing team as a Play Captain Supervisor or Play Captain Group Leader see below for details. Interviews will take place virtually; training and employment will be in-person following Covid-19 safety protocols. Candidates must be available to work in a variety of outdoor conditions on a daily basis.

  • Pre-screening calls for selected candidates will take place on or about the week of May 3, 2021

  • Virtual Interviews for selected candidates will take place between May 10-May 21, 2021.

  • Employment/training start date: June 15-August 17, 2021

We encourage you to contact your references now, so they can quickly provide a letter of reference, or respond to a reference check email or phone call.

How to apply:

  1. View www.fabyouthphilly.com AND www.playcaptains.com websites to fully learn and understand Fab Youth Philly (FYP)

  2. Email resume and a cover letter, explaining why you are qualified for and interested in this position to: Info@playcaptains.com

  3. Please confirm in your cover letter that you understand this opportunity is part-time, temporary, and seasonal and that you are available to work from June 15 through August 17, 2021.​

Our Home since 2014 has been the Lighthouse Fields located in North Philadelphia. The Lighthouse is 15 acres of green grass and ball fields. Its location is unique in that this high-end sports complex is centered in the middle of low-income, disadvantaged community. It is a private property managed by the Lighthouse Inc. Board and CEO. Unfortunately, this means that it does not get support from Parks and Recreation and the City of Philadelphia. Most of the maintenance and upkeep is done by volunteers.

Since 2014, MVP360 has been running programs such as soccer, flag football, baseball and softball at the Lighthouse. The process hasn't been easy. The Lighthouse has suffered from a lack of attention and funding. It's been abused and vandalized and overall neglected. Since 2019, things have been different! We are finally making progress. The field is managed and secured, we have great landscaping partners and we will soon be hosting more Family friendly events!



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