Eagles Flag Football is associated with NFL Flag Football, USA Football, NFL Play 60. This league is open to youth ages 3-14 for Boys and Girls. This is an instructional and developmental program. This means that we focus on skills, teamwork, and character. We encourage participation and following instructions. We do not focus on winning, stats and individual accomplishments. Eagles Flag Football is a great way to involve your kids in sports without the stress of intense competition. Our system is designed to build confidence, hand/eye coordination and social and life skills.

Eagles Flag Football 


DAYS: Saturday  ONLY


DATE:   Sept 11 to Oct 30




LOCATION: Lighthouse Fields. 101 E. Erie Ave. Phila, Pa

REQUIRED: BLACK shorts or sweats. Cleats are optional. This is an in-house league. Players are divided by age, gender, skill level. 


When possible, groups are set up as 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14.